We give a detailed overview
of advertising placements.

We bring an integrated and structured
overview of advertising, monitored
across the entire media sphere.


What media do we monitor?

  • Piktogram televize

    Over 40 TV stations.

  • Piktogram internet

    Over 330 Internet servers, defined
    by the AdMonitoring project.

  • Piktogram tisk

    Over 460 printed titles.

  • Piktogram rádio

    Over 70 radio stations.

  • Piktogram OOH
    OOH media

    More than 20 OOH space providers. Outdoor, indoor, in-store, commercials, OOH TV.

    Our database contains information about advertising campaigns
    carried out in the Czech Republic since the year 2010.

    What can we offer?


    We find information for you
    about the pricelist value of advertising
    space in all media types.

    We get this by means of independent (TV, print, radio) and declarative (OOH, internet) collection and analysis based on our transparent methodological processes.


    We provide you with an audio-visual image of the advertisement (creative) as published in specific media.

    Analyses and outputs
    from the database

    We create tailored analyses and studies of advertising campaigns carried out
    in the Czech Republic.

    You can focus analysis on specific media, clients, brands or product segments.

    • Piktogram kalendář

      We offer both regular and stand-alone purchase
      of our complete database, according to selected media types.

    • Piktogram formát

      We provide all data in open formats, e.g. XML format for further mechanical processing or uploading
      to your own DB systems. Alternatively, MS Excel
      for manual processing.

    • Piktogram play

      We deliver audio-visual content in digital formats that can be launched on standard PCs.

    • Piktogram kategorie

      The campaigns are clearly organised into more than 1,400 categories according to the standardised product categorisation of NACE EU/CZ.

    • Piktogram Adwind

      Alongside the data we offer the sophisticated analytical software, Adwind Kite. With this software you can always access all the data you need, online.

    • Piktogram prezentace

      We are more than happy to prepare training sessions or presentations of advertising monitoring to meet your needs.

    Daily delivery of TV, Print and Radio data!

    Our benefits

    Piktogram vlajka

    Analysis of competitors
    Overview of the advertising activities of your competitors according to your specification.

    Daily, weekly or monthly reporting. Yearly summaries.


    • comparison of advertisers within relevant product segments based on used advertising space or advertising pricelist price
    • analysis of competitors’ media mix
    • direct reporting of premium advertising campaigns incl. audio-visual content
    Piktogram graf

    Monitoring of  trends
    Information about changes in the use of different media types or specific media. Information about the popularity of advertising formats, seasonal influences,
    and the volume of the advertising market over time.
    E.g. the volume of advertisements in the daily press
    for the last 4 years, or the activities of individual advertisers throughout the year.

    Piktogram lupa

    Media audit
    Thanks to our data you can verify that your advertisement was really published. The outputs from monitoring make better evaluation possible and more effective cooperation between advertiser, media agency and media,
    for instance through detailed post-buy spot analysis.

    Piktogram kopie

    Combination of data with other sources, e.g. with media impact data advertising monitoring
    Advertising monitoring can be linked with other data sources.  A common combination is with information about media impact (audience, traffic, listenership, readership) or with sales data. Thus you can obtain reliable information about the impact of your advertisement. E.g., the evaluation of audience, campaign readership or post-buy incl. effective reach.

    An over and above-standard client service

    • A responsible and professional approach
    • Experienced consultants
    • Continuous support
    • The flexibility and ability to react to market requirements

    High-quality advertising description

    • Precise methodology
    • High number of attributes
    • Clear identification of advertisers and brands
    • Data classified into detailed product trees
    • Clear views of the pricing policy of advertisements

    Professional technical solution

    • Automation of key processes
    • Administration of TV advertisement register
    • Supervisory and control mechanisms
    ukázka monitoringu 1_NA_2015_ENGukázka monitoringu 2_NA_2015_ENG

    We keep improving the product according to market needs

    We are the leader in the realisation and delivery of continuous advertising monitoring in the Czech Republic. The products
    and services we offer are used by all the large media agencies
    in the Czech Republic, the most important TV companies, large media representatives, advertising agencies, state institutions and advertisers themselves.

    Our partners are:

    Press releases

    TZ Z řetězců měl inzerci v nejvyšší hodnotě od začátku roku Lidl

    TZ Z řetězců měl inzerci v nejvyšší hodnotě od začátku roku Lidl

    V období leden-únor 2017 vystavil nejvíce inzerce v segmentu širokosortimentálních řetězců s převahou potravin Lidl, který využil prostor v celkové ceníkové hodnotě 172,2 milionů korun. Za ním se v tomto žebříčku umístili zadavatelé Kaufland Česká republika a BILLA. Údaje vychází z monitoringu reklamy Ad Intel společnosti Nielsen Admosphere.

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    TZ Nejvíce lidí vybírá prací prostředky podle ceny. Reklamu v nejvyšší hodnotě měl loni Persil

    TZ Nejvíce lidí vybírá prací prostředky podle ceny. Reklamu v nejvyšší hodnotě měl loni Persil

    Nejdůležitějším faktorem při výběru pracích prostředků je zpravidla cena, naopak nejméně rozhoduje o nákupech zboží tohoto typu obal či etiketa – alespoň tak to vidí respondenti výzkumu Nielsen Admosphere. Z výsledků šetření, kterého se zúčastnila pětistovka respondentů z české internetové populace starší 15 let, dále vyplývá, že necelá polovina dotázaných preferuje z pracích prostředků prášek a polovina lidí také používá různé druhy těchto prostředků s ohledem na barvu praného prádla. V reklamním segmentu pracích prostředků umístila inzerci v nejvyšší hodnotě značka Persil, která v roce 2016 využila prostor za 137,7 milionů korun, jak ukazuje monitoring reklamy Ad Intel.

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    Our goal is, through innovative solutions, to help you invest in advertising effectively and efficiently.

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